December 13, 2020

Episode 231: One True Pair

Welcome to Comics from the Multiverse, our DC comics podcast starting with DC Rebirth where we discuss and review the major new DC comic books every week! 

Discussed this week:
0:00:00 - Intro 
0:01:20 - News
0:31:12 - Dark Nights Death Metal: The Last Stories of the DC Universe #1
1:06:26 - The Flash #767 (Andy Lanning & Ron Marz and Clayton Henry & Marco Santucci)
1:17:14 - Superman: Endless Winter Special #1 (Andy Lanning & Ron Marz and Phil Hestor & Marco Santucci)
1:29:03- Wonder Woman #768 (Mariko Tamaki and Rafa Sandoval)
1:40:02 - Batman: Black & White #1
1:55:18 - Picks of the Week

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