May 10, 2020

Episode 201: The Return

Welcome to Comics from the Multiverse, our DC comics podcast starting with DC Rebirth where we discuss and review the major new DC comic books every week! 


Discussed this week:

0:01:17 - News

0:30:35– The Flash #753 (Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter)

0:38:19 – Hawkman #23 (Robert Venditti and Marcio Takara & Fernando Pasarin)

0:47:38 – Batman & the Outsiders #12 (Bryan Hill and Dexter Soy)

0:57:25 – Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity #4 (Kami Garcia and Jason Badower & Mico Suayan)

1:11:17 – Digital First Round Up

1:34:29 – Elsewhere in the Multiverse

1:54:48 - Best art, cover and books of the week.



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